How do I add regular flux to use fusion swap?

Posted over 1 year ago by Wise Wolf

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Wise Wolf

Hi Zelcore,
So I just started using my Zelcore wallet today and I started by transferring some FLUX-BSC from my Metamask to my Zelcore wallet and I wanted to swap the Flux-BSC for regular Flux using the Fusion option in Zelcore wallet but it says that I have insufficient Flux to perform the swap because I dont have any regular flux in my wallet yet and it wants to charge me 2 flux (regular flux) to perform the swap. 
I tried sending 10 USDT (BSC) from my Metamask to Zelcore wallet to see if I could maybe swap the USDT for regular Flux in the portfolio > USDT BEP20 > exchange tab but it only gives me the option to swap the USDT for Flux (ETH) or Flux (BSC).

How do I fund the initial regular Flux on my wallet to be able to swap Flux from BSC and ETH for regular flux in fusion since it requires 2 regular flux to pay for the gas fee? 

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